Out and about

On any given day Green Tree classes can be found all over Seattle taking advantage of the wonderful opportunities the city has to offer. We are so fortunate to be located in the heart of Downtown Seattle, with exciting activities for children just a short walk away.  Teachers take children on both planned and impromptu excursions.

Green Tree’s curriculum focuses on nurturing the whole child – heart, body, mind and spirit. The following is a list of just some of the exciting opportunities Green Tree offers to its children:

    • In the area
      • Freeway Park
      • The Pike Place Market
      • Westlake Park
      • The Central Library
      • The Columbia Tower
      • The Water Taxi
      • The Seattle Aquarium
    • A short bus or light rail ride away
      • The International District
      • The Seattle Center, Space Needle, and Science Center
      • The Woodland Park Zoo
      • The Burke Museum