Our Facilities



Green Tree is housed in the Park Place building.  The building is fully secured, complete with stationed as well as roaming security and key-card entry.  A separate key-card is needed to enter Green Tree.  There is parking in the building, with 30 minute validation – enough time for drop off or pick up.


Green Tree has 5 full sized classrooms, one for each age group.  Rooms are organized to facilitate independence and easy access to materials.  Floor to ceiling windows look out onto the playground and further out to the beautiful scenery of Freeway Park and the streets of Downtown Seattle.

Green Tree has an on-site kitchen with a full time chef who prepares breakfast, lunch and two snacks daily.  Green Tree is vegetarian and a nut-free facility and works with parents and pediatricians to accommodate any dietary allergies, intolerances, and/or preferences.  See our sample menu.


We are lucky to have an on site, covered, and open-air playground.  Children are able to play outside in all weather, shaded from the hot summer sun, and sheltered from rain or snow.  Some features of our playground are:

  • Large windows looking out onto Freeway Park and the streets of Downtown Seattle
  • Age appropriate play areas separating the Toddlers and the Preschool/Pre-K aged children
  • Climbing wall with a crash mat
  • Basketball hoop
  • Large sand box
  • Tricycles, and enough space to ride them
  • Sturdy low-light plants that are able to withstand curious fingers
  • Fully enclosed and not accessible to the public